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Nurturing and Healing

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The Caregivers team responds to the needs of the congregation, primarily through sending cards, making phone calls, and preparing meals (either for the church freezer or at the time of delivery). Working closely with our pastors, caregivers telephone those in need, deliver Easter lilies, and deliver Christmas poinsettias. They respond to joys, as well as concerns. Caregivers will also provide a simple reception following a funeral or memorial service. The team also can provide a meal for the family before or after a funeral. A Caregivers team member can participate in any one or all of the caregiver activities.

If you are in need of caregiver services, or would like to serve on the team, contact a pastor, or the Caregiving Ministry team lead.

Faith Community Nurse

The Faith Community Nurse is available and eager to assist with any issues related to health. Her role is one of integration of faith with health. She provides assistance with navigating the healthcare system, health advocacy, education, and spiritual presence for families experiencing health issues.

If you or another church member are in need of these services, please contact the church office or send an email.


The outdoor labyrinth is in the wooded area off the upper parking lot. Just look for the sign next to the picnic tables. The portable indoor labyrinth is a replica of one created circa 1200 in the stone floor of the cathedral in Chartres, France. Unlike a maze, there is only one path on a labyrinth. It leads to the center and back out; the entrance is also the exit. Upon entering a labyrinth, one steps into Holy time.

Walking the outdoor labyrinth available anytime. Follow the path off the upper parking lot near the picnic tables.

Walking the indoor labyrinth The labyrinth is a quiet worship space for individual silent prayer. Before you begin, take time to disengage from the rest of your day and relax. Proceed at your own pace. You may pass others moving more slowly, or step aside for others walking at a faster pace. In the center you may sit, stand, kneel, face several directions, meditate, or silently read a poem, prayer, scripture or other piece you may have brought.

To view a short slideshow of the two labyrinths, click here.

The indoor canvas labyrinth will be available the first Wednesday evening of every month from 5:30 to 7:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Walking this sacred path can be an experience for small groups at other times during the year as well by contacting Jeanne or Tom Bolick or Diane Garber.

For more information about the labyrinth, or ideas about its use, contact Jeanne Bolick.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

In late 2009, CPC started a prayer shawl ministry, an outreach of love and compassion. Prayer shawls console those who grieve, comfort those who are ill, bring hope to those who are in despair, or celebrate those who have reached some milestone. The volunteers who knit these shawls become part of the mystery of giving as they create a symbolic gift of God's embrace for someone they may or may not know.

If you know of someone who would benefit from receiving a prayer shawl or if you would like to be a volunteer knitter, please contact Lynn Voss.

Stephen Ministers

This is a quiet ministry of listening to persons within and beyond the congregation who need someone with whom to share the difficult thoughts and feelings that go with times of transition.

Stephen Ministers are assigned to a Care Partner by a Referral Coordinator (currently Rev. David Voss,) who explains the role of the Stephen Minister and determines whether the needs of the person can best be served by Stephen Ministry (as opposed to medical or other professional help). Once a good match is made to a Stephen Minister, the two then arrange their own meeting times and places (usually once a week in a place that provides privacy), and continue to meet until both agree that it is time to bring the relationship to a close.

Stephen Ministers are always assigned to someone of the same gender, never to couples and never to children or adolescents. Stephen Ministers and their Care Partners agree on the important things that need to be discussed; the Care Partner talks about his/her concerns and the Stephen Ministry serves as an active, caring listener.

Stephen Ministers make a commitment to serve actively for two years. After extensive training, Stephen Ministers meet twice a month for continuing education and peer supervision and discuss their work in strictly confidential terms (no names are ever used). They may recommit to further terms or they may choose to take a sabbatical as needed.

For more information, contact a pastor, the Stephen Ministry Referral Coordinator (currently Rev. David Voss) or any current Stephen Leader:

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