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Presbyterian Church (USA)

Cary Presbyterian: An Equipping Church


Presbyterians take seriously being the “priesthood of all believers:” each of us is called to be a disciple, ministering to others, who in turn minister to us. We share with the pastors this call to ministry. We call this discipleship. The goal of an equipping church is to encourage and support all members as they act on their individual calls to be disciples.

In our equipping church, the conversation changes from recruiting for jobs and responsibilities to a conversation about our passions and call to ministry and how that call can be incorporated into a life of discipleship within the church. As an equipping church we consider how best to teach, train, mentor and encourage each other to be successful in our discipleship. Finally, our equipping church gives space and time to lift up and celebrate what all are doing in the name of Jesus Christ.

An equipping church prepares people to understand their gifts and live out their calling in every area of their lives. We know that we’ve equipped others when each individual does his or her part, so that the whole body grows and loves. Ephesians 4:16

Understanding our spiritual gifts is important, but so is identifying skills, talents, and experiences that can also be used in ministry. All go into development of the whole person and all strengthen the faith community. People need to be cared for and nurtured so that they may serve others and be served themselves.

As an equipping church, we invite you to consider your spiritual gifts through this spiritual gifts assessment. We then invite you to review the many opportunities listed in the Service and Opportunities booklet. We ask that you prayerfully consider where your passions and interests may lead you. As an equipping church we are committed to acknowledging your gifts, inviting you to participate in our ministry, preparing you for whatever role you choose, and celebrating the gifts God has given you. Please complete this Service Opportunities sheet to let us know of your interests. You can either email the form as an attachment to the church office or print it and bring it with you to church.

Equipping Ministry
“In gratitude for God’s love and grace,
and empowered by the spirit,
we commit ourselves…”

Equipping Ministry Team is responsible for implementing and supporting the equipping ministry of Cary Presbyterian with the goal of every member discipleship. The team works with all other teams in the church to ensure that everyone in our community of faith are invited to participate as disciples, that all are prepared or equipped for the role they wish to choose, that all feel supported in that role, and that all feel appreciated for work that they do.

Discernment Education is a continuing program coordinated through adult Christian education providing opportunities for individuals to grow in their faith and to reflect on their unique calling or passion.

Team Connectors are members of the Equipping Ministry Team who work with each of the other teams in the church helping implement the equipping ministry in each of our church programs.

New Member orientation and invitation is an important part of the equipping ministry, helping new members of our faith community recognize their gifts and helping each identify an aspect of Cary Presbyterian’s ministry where they feel called and where they feel welcomed.

For more information, contact the Equipping Minstry team lead.

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