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Presbyterian Church (USA)

Staff and Officers

Church Staff
Contacting the Staff
Ministry Areas / Ministry Liaisons
Clerk of Session
Office Volunteers
Elder Duties
Job Openings

Church Staff

Dr. D. Kyle Allen
Pastor/Head of Staff

Rev. Jennifer Miles-Allen
Associate Pastor

Dr. David V. Voss
Parish Associate

Angie H. Keith
Director of Preschool

Medora B. Hix
Director of Christian Education

Edward T. Yasick
Director of Music

Ron Norris
Building & Grounds Manager

Deborah A. Bundesen
Office Manager

Barbara S. Carew
Finance Manager

Mandy L. Nester
Faith Community Nurse


CPC Officers at the 2014 Winter Retreat


Class of 2014

Class of 2015

Class of 2016

  • Craig Anderson
  • Beth Cleveland
  • Tim Farless
  • Gwen Fletcher
  • Craig Hofmeister
  • Michelle Piccirillo
  • Kevin Steidinger
  • Ken Wease
  • Tom Bolick
  • Jennifer Bryant
  • John Campbell
  • Rhonda Carlile
  • Camille Lambe
  • Scott Patrick
  • Shane Pierce
  • Belinda Weinbrecht
  • Leah Burton
  • Caroline Derifaj
  • Bob Hall
  • Dee Hatch
  • Justin Hancock
  • Ben Kadlec
  • Jennifer Simpson


Class of 2014

Class of 2015

  • Matt Donkin
  • Becky Hambrick
  • Louis Lambe
  • Jodie Spencer
  • Ellen Govert
  • Stephanie Hancock
  • Robert Rackley
  • Kim Riffle
  • Tom Stuart

Ministry Areas

For information about these ministries and teams, and how to join one, see CPC Ministry Areas or follow links below.

Ministry Area Ministry Liaison
Budget & Finance Ministry Alger Faber, team lead
Tim Farless
Ben Kadlec
David Bohm
Barbara Carew, Finance Manager
Building & Grounds Ministry Craig Hofmeister, team lead
Shane Pierce
Caregiving Ministry Camille Lambe, co-team lead
Ken Wease, co-team lead
Childcare Ministry Laura Campbell, team lead
Caroline Derifaj
Christian Education Ministry Jennifer Bryant, team lead
Kevin Steidinger
Clerk of Session Rhonda Carlile
Columbarium Ministry Linda Cox
Communications Ministry Julie Henry, team lead
Dee Hatch
Congregational Fellowship Ministry Michelle Piccirillo, team lead
Conversations at CPC Belinda Weinbrecht, team lead
Bob Hall
Scott Patrick
Jeanne Bolick
Counting Team Rod Morton
Equipping Ministry Belinda Weinbrecht, team lead
Sally Goettel
Home Communion Tom Bolick, co-team lead
Kathel Sugg, co-team lead
Information Technology Ministry Justin Hancock
Alex Herring
Ian Dunbar
Bob Johnson
Mike Callis
Insurance Tim Farless
Kitchen Team Barb Munch, team lead
Memorials & Endowments Ministry Brian Short, team lead
Missions Ministry Beth Cleveland, team lead
John Campbell
Jeff Clark
Music and Worship Ministry Gwen Fletcher, team lead
Tom Bolick
Michelle Piccirillo
Leah Burton
Nominating Team Jennifer Bryant, co-team lead
Bob Hall, co-team lead
Personnel Ministry Sheila Cain, team lead
Jennifer Simpson
Scott Patrick
Prayer Shawls Lynn Voss
Presbyterian Men John Campbell
Presbyterian Women Belinda Weinbrecht, Moderator
Spiritual Practices Ministry Jeanne Bolick and Diane Garber, team leads
Tom Bolick, session liaison
Jason Troiano
Sound Team Sam Witherspoon and Chip Carew
Stephen Ministry Linda Oglesby
Stewardship David Bohm, team lead
Tim Farless
Transportation Team Bob Hall, team lead
Ushering Team Jane Dunbar
Youth and College Ministry Caroline Derifaj, team lead
Craig Anderson
Jerry Slaymaker

Clerk of Session

The Clerk of Session is one of the two church officers required by the Book of Order (the other being Moderator). The clerk acts as secretary for Session, records the minutes of meetings, and keeps rolls of membership, ordinations, baptisms, and marriages. These records are submitted annually to the Presbytery for review and approval. The clerk conveys official communications to and from Session and works with the moderator to ensure that meetings run smoothly.

Forms used for submitting new motions to session meetings:

The Clerk of Session is Rhonda Carlile.

Office Volunteers

Office volunteers act as receptionists, greeting visitors and answering phones, and assist the staff with clerical jobs, such as running the copy machine and helping with mailings. They may make a commitment for a full or half day a week or once or twice a month. Some volunteers are on an "as needed" basis. Hours are flexible.

For more information, contact the Office Manager.
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